The 10 Principles of Maniphesto

1. Know Thyself

Individual commitment and accountability to regular personal, communal and embodied practice is essential. Deepening practice involves engagement with ancient wisdom and should be driven by a desire to seek truth, love and beauty.

2. Sexual Mastery

The journey towards sexual mastery entails directing desire towards meaningful creation. We support men in establishing a lifelong commitment to one woman as a container for the development of masculine leadership and integrated personhood.

3. Dialectics

We grow in discernment by engaging in dialectical discussion.This enables unity and multiplicity to co-exist and moves members towards true individuality. We respect the man and challenge the idea. We admire each other’s gifts. We approach disagreement with curiosity and mutual respect.

4. Direct Communication

Our collaboration is built on clear and direct communication with complete integrity. Agreements are honoured and personal disagreements are dealt with directly and immediately. This enables the building of friendships based on trust, honesty and loyalty.

5. Proactivity

Taking responsibility for making things better rather than blaming others will help us learn and grow dramatically.

6. Conciliarity

Working as a council of peers brings Hierarchy and Do-ocracy together. We are co-creative by design, providing the platform for men to engage and contribute actively.

7. Mutual Commitment

Women give birth to boys, but men are made through journeying alongside other men. We commit to each other’s success in a fellowship to guide and mirror each other to greater maturity.

8. Virtuous Patriarchy

The paradigm shift to an increasingly digital society requires visionary, strong and responsible men, grounded on a strong foundation, to step up in formulating new paradigmatic principles which foster lives of freedom, integration, meaning and well-being.

9. Action

Joint action in the world is the optimal path to betterment for men. Working together towards shared goals for the greater good leads to a life of meaning, purpose and bonds of friendship.

10. Open Source

We share our best work, in a true spirit of collaboration, across borders and cultures. Competition within a framework of transparency and fair play empowers us to give more.

10. Holistic

Our work addresses man as a whole, not as a collection of parts. Man is an inseparable unity of body, mind, and spirit.

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    1. I gotta say, when I read this, I am a step further away from joining your event in August. It lies somewhere between cliché buzzwords and a cult whose deeper motives are hardly discernable. You guys can do better than that to attract participants. If that is what you want.

      1. Sorry to hear that is your perspective. The 10 principles were the result of a process and discussion in our community. If they are unclear, perhaps it is because there were many people involved and we needed to compromise. As for our motives, we are on a mission to restore men and masculinity in our society. You are correct that our main goal is not “attracting participants” – that would entail becoming experts in online marketing, something we are terrible at. So our approach is to work with the men who share and are inspired by our vision.

  1. reading this makes me very happy. I appreciate the work put in this text especially the masculine/feminine balance (hierarchy & do-ocracy, masculine & holistic).

    If I had to challenge one thing, it’s the notion of “direct communication with complete integrity”.

    It implicitely denies the reality of the unconscious. Sometimes our nervous system just takes over in some ways we can’t control. And sometimes just saying outloud what i’m thinking is not the best thing to do.

    So I don’t think reaching “complete” integrity is possible but only to have a strong intention for honest & courageous communication.

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