The Masculine Men Maniphesto

Masculinity is the qualities which are admired the most in men. Our fellowship aims to build masculine men.

To say that men are masculine is to not just state the obvious, but it is to underline the essence of what manhood is about. We love, admire and value masculinity in men. And the core of our work is aimed at constantly strengthening our masculine attributes.

The discussion as to whether masculinity is determined socially or biologically is of marginal interest to us. Neither are we interested in engaging in discussions to try to convince people who think that masculinity is toxic or harmful.

Some of the aspects of masculinity we appreciate the most include strength, courage, assertiveness and the ability to lead. While some aspects of masculinity change in time, there is a central and stable core, which is perhaps best captured by the Greek ἀνδρεῖος (andreîos) which refers to that which is pertaining to a man, that which is strong, brave and courageous.

Masculine men are trustworthy, stable and solid. Confident in themselves, they have no need to prove anything to anyone else, but continuously focus on working to contribute value, as they know that their strength is best employed and developed in sacrificial service to those around them. They are a force to be reckoned with, creating safety and security for those under their care, but are fully able to stand firm in the face of adversity and to defend themselves and others if the need arises.

The secret of the masculine man is that he is able to fully submit himself and receive from that which is far greater than himself – for a religious man, he will call this God. Through putting aside his own selfish desires and aligning himself, his actions and his life with the deepest mystery and patterns of reality which are revealed to him, he is able to fully find himself and his own manhood, and thus embody that mystery to others around him.

Besides this, a practical method to developing masculinity is to spend time with other masculine men, to learn from them, to develop brotherly relations with them, and to explicitly remind each other about ad hold up masculine values as worthy of striving after. This is what we do on Maniphesto Core.

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