We're Telling a New Story About Men

Our Core groups support men in growing in accountability.

We run bootcamps, retreats and provide coaching to support men in growing bonds of brotherhood and gaining a stronger vision for their future.

Our work is informed by our 10 Principles.

The 10 Principles of Maniphesto

Deepening practice involves engagement with religious tradition in order to contemplate and understand self and reality.


We commit to accountability and strive to be men of our word.


3. Integration

Finding and focusing attention throughout daily life on a coherent vision brings order, stability and strength to a man’s life.

Our 10 Principles fall into three categories which we call “The Three P’s”, and which structure all of our work on Maniphesto Core. They are:

Practice   People   Purpose

The first three principles above, “Know Thyself”, “Accountability” and “Spirit” relate to the first “P” called “Practice“. This is the foundational habits and work each man  does to ensure a stable foundation for his life

Women give birth to boys, but men are made through journeying alongside other men. Strong masculine friendship naturally leads to maturity.

5. Masculine Men

Masculinity is the qualities which are admired the most in men. Our fellowship aims to build masculine men.


We support men in establishing a lifelong commitment to one woman as a container for personal growth.



The above three principles “Friendship”, “Masculine Men” and “Marriage” relate to the to second “P” which is “People”. 

A large part of our being is formed through our relationships , and thus we have a central focus to ensure human growth through our relationships with others.

7. Responsibility​

Men take personal responsibility for making things better – starting with themselves.


8. Men Lead

Manliness is naturally connected to leadership. As good men develop in their ability to take on responsibility, they will naturally step into leadership.


9. Fatherhood

The Father role is perhaps the most meaningful that a man could assume in life, by having children or other farther roles. Taking responsibility and growing in leadership naturally creates the fathers we need.


The final grouping of three principles relate to the final P” – “Purpose”.

As men, we find a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in developing our ability to contribute value to others. As we overcome our selfish tendencies, we increasingly find alignment between our own desires and a purposeful life of service.

The final principle below, “Humility” is the meta principle which governs the others and is the key to all human growth.

10. Humility

Humility is the most important virtue, which governs all of our work, including these principles.

If you can see how working actively with these principles could be beneficial for you, then join Maniphesto Core. All of our work in there is centered around develpoing a personal vision, formualting personal goals and developing positive habits within each of these three areas, Practice, People and Purpose.

After you sign up, the first thing you will do is to book a personal onboarding meeting with our founder Paul to help get you up and running with this process.

Our history

Maniphesto was formed by three men, a philosopher, a political scientist, and a psychotherapist. Seeing the increasing turmoil around them regarding manhood and masculinity, in 2016 they invited the most inspiring men in their respective networks to two “Men’s Research Weekends” in central Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Join Maniphesto Core, and start a very simple three step process to take leadership in your own life

After you sign up, the first thing you will do is to book a personal onboarding meeting with our founder Paul to help get you up and running with this process.

As they initiated the first Nordic Mens Gathering in 2017, their connection across the Atlantic with Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson was a major source of inspiration. 

Maniphesto was strongly influenced by the secular, anti-Christian, post-modern culture it was founded in. 

Peterson provided a framework and language for re-evaluating the mythological and religious foundation of society as well as making sense of transcendent experience.

In 2018, following this exploration and returning to his own roots, the leader of Maniphesto, Paul, had an experience of God which reconnected him to the basics of life. This led to him converting to Orthodox Christianity in 2019.  

He found in Orthodoxy a complete anthropology and cosmology which not only had formed the basis of the beliefs we have today about gender and manhood, but also perfectly described the challenges we are facing as well as their solutions.

Today, Maniphesto is a broad international network and a close brotherhood of friends. Maniphesto Core is a subscription based network of online men’s groups, dedicated to supporting men in focusing their dreams into a sense of purpose, accountability and direction. 

Paul also offers several different coaching packages, as well as runs Foundational Core Team Training Weekends at the Maniphesto Homestead in the Danish countryside. 

If you would like to engage with us, then you can sign up for our email mailing list, or join us in Maniphesto Core.