Transform your life​

if you are:

  • Ready to be held accountable for reaching your goals
  • About to engage on an important new task, project or initiative
  • Looking for inspiration and challenge
  • Wanting to meet more men who live a life of purpose
  • Entering a period of transition
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We provide men with structure and accountability for living purposefully

Since 2017 we have been supporting men through life changes such as launching new businesses, establishing new relationships and career pivots.

Join today and experience how a team of like-minded men can support you in your next step!

What is Maniphesto?

Maniphesto is on a mission to support you to Transform your Life. 

We provide men with structure and accountability for living purposefully. 

We aim to create the world’s best online men’s groups though our proven process:

1. Formulate your vision

2. Set goals

3. Build daily habits.


Join Maniphesto Core, and start a very simple three step process, proven effective for thousands of men. 

After you sign up, the first thing you will do is to book a personal onboarding meeting with our founder Paul to help get you up and running with this process.


You will go through a creative process to formulate a compelling vision.

We have a series of exercises which will support you in developing a vision for the future which will inspire and motivate you.


Make your vision concrete.

Set yourself up for the short-to-medium term with SMART goals, moving you towards realizing your vision.


Make your vision a way of life, every day.

As you grow in Core, you will be embedded into a Core Team which will hold you accountable in developing your transformational habits. 

Different from Therapy or “Personal Development”

Maniphesto is not personal development or therapy. 

We provide men with structure and accountability to reach their stated goals. 

As a member you will be plugged into DAILY BUDDY CALLS which ensure you move forward towards your goals every single day.

Maniphesto Core brought structure into my life, supporting me in clarifying my vision and continuously holding me accountable to pursue it. Daily check-ins and weekly meetings with my Core team keep me on track with my practices, habits, and quarterly goals. I didn’t know how much I needed this!

Boleslaw - Poland

"The structure and direction that Maniphesto Core has given me has seen me arrive in my dream job within a short space of time, and laid the foundations to continue to fulfill my purpose. It's the support that comes from being challenged by other men which has ultimately made me more grounded in my life, and has allowed me to challenge others the same way, wanting every man to reach his best."

Craig - Norway

Maniphesto Core is pure male spirit at it's best. It is where I have found a band of brothers who help me to live a life of purpose and meaning with full hearted, clear and honest reflections on my progress.

Dietmar - Germany

How much does it cost to join?

Maniphesto costs just 68 € / 74 $US (excl tax) per month. This fee gives you access to everything — the weekly team meetings, daily buddy calls for accountability, training and development tools, reduced rates to our gatherings and all the support and mentoring you need to finally step up and reach the things that you were meant to achieve.

Are you ready to start?

You Risk Nothing Because You’re Backed By Our Maniphesto Guarantee

We are so confident of the value that Core offers, that we offer a three-month 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t find that membership in Maniphesto is of immense value to you, then we will refund you fully. 

Just let us know any time during the first 90 days of your membership for a prompt and cheerful refund of your membership fee.