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We are a network of men's groups
focused on our proven method
to build personal accountability.
  1. Create a personal vision
  2. Set goals to move towards your vision 

  3. Build new habits to ensure you meet your goals
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The Patriarchy Maniphesto

Hierarchy and Fatherhood are indispensably woven into all life and reality. Virtuous patriarchy is essential to human thriving. Welcome to the Patriarchy! Patriarchy comes from

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Maniphesto for Sexual Mastery

Maniphesto’s Principle 2 on Sexuial Mastery states: The journey towards sexual mastery entails directing desire towards meaningful creation. We support men in establishing a lifelong

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Paul and his three children

Hi, I'm Paul.

I am the founder and leader of Maniphesto.

This is me and my three sons on our homestead.

When I started this work in 2016, I set myself the mission to “restore manhood”. I was a political scientist, a highly successful entrepreneur, cosmopolitan, progressive, liberal and atheist.

I quickly found that there was only one thing that I really could change and restore – myself. Thus, it is primarily my own life which has been transformed on this journey.

In seeking answers to what it means to be a man, I realized that growing in maturity required personal, embodied experience combined with ancient wisdom. In 2018 I had a personal encounter with God which led me to converting to Orthodox Christianity in 2019.

In Orthodoxy, I found a complete anthropology and cosmology which not only had formed the basis of the beliefs we have today about manhood, but also perfectly described the challenges we are facing as well as their solutions. 

Today I am 41 years old, married with three sons and live on a small farm in the Danish countryside, working full time on Maniphesto. I run Maniphesto Core, our platform for online men’s mastermind groups and I engage other thought leaders in discussions in order to bring together the men and the ideas which will enable us to create a new story about men.

You can read more about the background of Maniphesto here. And you can also find videos, articles, my podcast and other content I produce on our blog.

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