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Step Five: Visualising your vision

paul June 23, 2023

Vision is the most powerful when it is visualised in a specific image.

In this exercise, we have created a template where you can enter into a creative process to gain further insight into your vision in a holistic manner.

Watch the video below on how to use our “Cosmic Mountain template” inspired by Jonathan Pageau(*) to map our a visual representation of your vision.

You can find the files needed here.

This exercise can be challenging for some men, particularly if you do not feel that the template fits your current world view. An additional good resource for working on basic visualisation of your vision by creating a vision board from one of our Team Leaders, Achill, can be found here.

* Jonathan Pageau is an Orthodox Icon Carver, artist and YouTuber. He has been a source of inspiration for Maniphesto, not least when he came Denmark as a keynote speaker at the European Men’s Gathering in 2021. His speech there, The Patriarchs are Dead – Long Live the Patriarchs! was recorded but not made publicly available – you can watch it here: https://vimeo.com/598845519?share=copy using password: deathofthepatriarchs2021