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Join a Maniphesto Network Meeting

paul May 17, 2023

Joining a Maniphesto Network meetings is a great way to engage in our community, meet other men and hear their perspectives, and understand our principles and values better.

As member of Core, you get to participate directly in the meeting, ask questions and join the discussion actively.

Check out the Telegram Group or our YouTube Channel for preceise details on the next network meeting.

A Note on Men’s work vs. discussion

One important aspect to note, is that many of these meetings are going to be broad in their scope, tackling big and difficult topics in an attempt to formualte a greater vision for men and masculinity in society. That has always been a central part of the approach of Maniphesto.

At the same time, these kind of high level conversations are not the focus of our work Core. Core is focused on a system of accountability and integrity for men – creating a vision for your life, setting goals and working on your habits.

We have noted that it is not always useful for guys who are still getting the basics of their life in place to be getting into big discussions on politics, metaphysics and the like. Often it can be more of a distraction.

That is why we decided to make these “Maniphesto Network meetings” – outside of Core but also available for you if you want to join.

So, please, if you are interested, join these meetings and participate. And also be careful – if you notice that they are distracting you from the basic work of building your habits, reaching your quarterly goals and becoming increasingly aligned with your vision, then we strongly encourage you to focus in on that instead.