Yoga was invented by men – for men!

Have a look into any yoga studio and you’ll see a majority of women. Look into the stats on yoga and you’ll find that 8-9 out 10 yoga practitioners are female. Check out ads for yoga courses and workshops, they are most often illustrated by feminine creatures.

It’s not only remarkable. It’s also sad. For hundreds of years and up until the 1930s yoga was a thing for men.

Yoga is different from many Western embodiment cultures in that it is non-competitive. Contrary, it is a powerful challenge for one self. Yoga is about meeting the limits of your body and psyche and challenge them.

The American yoga instructor, Baron Baptiste, who taught me some years ago said: “A pose yoga begins when you want to leave it”.

The broad spectrum of physical exercises and poses in the yogic tradition offers a range of challenges to stamina as well an opportunity to build muscles and flexibility.

The practise of physical yoga also has a strong positive effect on breathing which is directly related to health through oxidation of lungs and blood.

Yoga also increases balance, not just physically, but mentally, too. It relaxes and de-stresses the body and supports better sleep. Thus, it stimulates the production of testosterone also known as the masculinity hormone.

Practicing yoga increases the ability to concentrate and focus. And a relaxed and strong body with a good level of testosterone is a good starting point for good sex.

That’s why is it not only remarkable, but also sad that there the practise of yoga is primarily an activity for women. As the points above make clear, many men would benefit greatly by taking taking up the practise of yoga. That was actually the intention in the first place.


Text by Thomas Buch-Andersen – he is a Copenhagen-based cert. coach and yoga instructor. He organises men’s retreats that include yoga, meditation, self-improvement work, sauna and out-sitting. The next retreat is 1st-4th of Oct in Southern Sweden. See further details here:

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