The Realms of War and Desire | MMA

The tantric sages tell us: never abandon desire. On the other hand, desire, as we know, is the cause of all our unique human problems. Out of a desire for knowledge and power, Eve ate the apple in the garden of Eden, and this was the beginning of the fall from paradise, The Hebrew bible tells us. On the other hand, without knowledge and power, we remain children in a walled garden. We need to grapple with the serpent of desire, deal with the shadows of desire, and sometimes taste the object of our desire. Eve’s hunger is humanity’s hungry to know and to be. But what is the knowledge of the fruit? To know someone biblically is literally to have sex with them. In other words, Eve’s knowledge of good and evil is not abstract or intellectual knowing but erotic knowing. Spiritual knowledge is eros, in other words.
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