Restoring Man #1: How to be a Man

This is the first post in a series of discssions on the role of men and men’s work under the heading “Restoring Man” between Paul Lloyd Robson and Fredrik Lyhagen.

What does it mean to be a man in society today? Is there a crisis of mascunility and manhood? How are men adapting to the rapidly changing environment and society in order to find their role?

After their series of talks on leadership, courage and vulbnerability, with Fredrik Lyhagen sharing his insights and experience with Paul Lloyd Robson, they turn the tables around and start looking into the field of “Men’s Work” and the benefits, challenges and value of doing training exclusively with men.

It could be that the question of “How to be a Man” will never be answered completely, but asking it of one’s self is sure to bring one in contact with existential questions on identity, self, purpose and being.

See the full interview here:

For further background, on Maniphesto’s work and the reasoning behind men’s work, you may also want to check out our previous post on What is the Desexualised Spaces Movement About?

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