Orthodox Masculinity – With Jay Dyer

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This is a discussion about the Orthodox Christian perspective on masculinity with Jay Dyer. We explored the significance of the Genesis account, societal shifts including the Catholic Church’s decision to bless homosexual unions, and the Christian perspective on manhood. The conversation also covered the Orthodox Church’s perspective on human nature and death, the theological interpretation of the Bible, the concept of fundamentalism, and the Orthodox view of grace. They also discussed Paul Evdokiavs’s book, “The Sacrament of Love,” feminism, the significance of marriage, the concept of suffering, the importance of truth and strong masculine discussion, and the impacts of internet and city life on social interactions and human relationships.

0:00 – Intro
3:22 – Genesis, Masculinity, and Marriage: A Theological Discussion
12:02 – Literal vs. Symbolic Truth – Scriptural Interpretation
25:27 – Marriage from the Genesis account
29:42 – The place for the feminine
35:07 – Male / Female hierarchy – head and body
43:01 – Masculine and Feminine in secular philosophy
52:14 – Marriage as a vehicle for salvation
58:12 – Masculine conversation
01:02:27 – Jay’s advice to young men
01:06:41 – Online Orthodoxy and “the Orthobros”

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