Men’s work is Masculine!

The Corona lock-down is winding down and the new normal is settling in. Thanks to a ,great post from Mattias, we just had a great discussion on the Maniphesto Facebook group – about balancing masculine and feminine aspects in men’s work.

Mattias challenged what he saw as a tendency in men’s work groups to focus on men only wanting to develop their feminine sides. Perhaps this is a result of pervading views of “toxic masculinity” or virtue signalling. Irrespective, Mattias’ point is that men’s work which does not develop the masculine seems rather oxymoronic.

At Maniphesto we staunchly believe that all men need to find their own personal journey, and the individual man should decide his own areas of exploration and development.

We respect, appreciate and love masculine qualities and feminine qualities – In menandin women. We also believe that masculine qualities are most naturally and abundantly found in men and feminine qualities are most naturally and abundantly found in women.

And we think that is a GOOD thing!

At Maniphesto, we bring together a wide range of men. Right from the beginning of what we have been doing, we have had men from the Men’s Rights Activist camp, from the Mythopoetic movement, and from Pro-Feminist groups. This is a massive strength of Maniphesto that we can bring together this broad range of men, and kudos to all of you men who help us in that!

All of the men who join us have valuable input – and we appreciate every man who adds his voice. We have very few “core truths” that we hold onto tightly, and almost everything is up for discussion. One thing that I personally can get frustrated by though, is when we need to discuss again and again, if it is ok to state that men need to develop their masculinity, and whether that takes away from their femininity.

When we come together as men, we come for all different reasons. There are men who come to develop what they see as “feminine” aspects of compassion and sensitivity. That is great. And there are men who come to develop “masculine” aspects such as boundary setting and purpose. That is also great.

I do believe however that all this focus on masculine and feminine is really just a step that some men need to focus on for a while, because of all the confusion about gender in our society at the moment. If we stay too long, however, we can also get stuck in it – the empowering insights of today can become the limitations of our next development.

You gender is an important aspect of your identity, but not the only aspect of it. If you dont know what it means to you to be a man (or a woman), then you can likely benefit a lot from looking more at it. But don’t make it your sole life purpose.

At the end of the day, all of this just theorising about ideas and while important, it risks taking us away from the actual “fingers in the dirt” men’s work we are doing. Personally, I admit, I sometimes get caught up in these discussions way too much.

If you find yourself talking more about men’s work, than doing men’s work. Or talking about your emotions and issues with mens work, then I highly recommend that you click in and join the men of ,Maniphesto Core. These are the courageous men who are actually digging in and doing the work…..

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