Meeting the Virgin

The Virgin is perhaps one of the most central archetypes in the development of our society, western civilisation, and all of Christendom. And yet we have lost touch with it.

Having grown up protestant, so virginity was something that my parents thought that I should maintain, but not exactly popular amongst my school friends.

Having become Orthodox, I can see the incredible value and honour given to purity, chastity, and of course also to the Theotokos, the Mother of God, and also the importance that she is EVER Virgin.

I am still trying to understand this, and so it was really useful for me when Maximillian Ravn came and joined our Core fellowship. A student of Theology in Denmark, but more importantly has personally experienced the power of the Virgin, rather than just studying ideas about her. I got a lot of value from our last conversation and then asked him to tell his story. It was an even more powerful story than I expected.

See our previous conversation here:


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