Get into the Arena with Fr Michael

Fr Michael E Butler from Avg2Alpha and Maniphesto have teamed up to launch a new men’s group for Orthodox Christian men living in North America.
The group kicked off in November 2023, under the personal leadership of Fr Michael.
The team will help each man optimize his life. It will be done through weekly Zoom calls; accountability and support for foundational Orthodox observances; and the Maniphesto Core tools of “Practice, People, & Purpose” for structured accountability and personal development. Additionally, we will ensure a grounded men’s community through regular in-person meetups and exclusive offerings for pilgrimages.
This is a focused offering for men who want to step up their engagement and are ready to invest. Membership in Core is 68 euros/month (about $72US).
Read more about Maniphesto Core here:
If you have any questions, please reach out to Fr Michael ( or

Sign up now, join us in The Arena, and let’s do this!

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