Establish your Legacy Beyond “Freedom” with Sam Carpenter

Sam Carpenter is the founder and owner of Centratel and Author of the massively successful book “Work the System”. He has hundreds of thousands to get their life and their businesses in order and has attained the freedom in his own life he set out to reach. Today we are announcing that Sam will be joining us as an elder and key speaker at the European Men’s Gathering where we take men through a process of stepping more fully into their own power.

Read more about Work The System, download the first four chapters of the book, and get in contact with Sam on
You can also find our interview with Josh Fonger, the CEO of Work the System Enterprises here:


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Including chapters on:

  • Why men’s work?
  • Working with transformational spaces
  • How to start your own group
  • Meeting structure and elements
  • Pitfalls and defence mechanisms
  • Practical tools and self assessment worksheet

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