Crew – EMG 2022

Everyone who has attended the Death of the Patriarchs initaition is welcome to sign up and join as a Crew member for the EMG 2022. We have many roles to fill. We need elders, facilitators, group leaders. We need storytellers, pirates, bards, pagans and saints. We need a logistics crew. If one of our leaders inspired you particularly, or if there is a role at the event that could be the next step for you, then we are ready to support you to step into it.

Please sign up and we will find the right role for you according to your experience, skills and abilities.

Joining the EMG Crew is the next step in initiation into Men’s Work Leadership. You can expect to receive mentoring, inspiration and feedback on developing your leadership abilities.

All tickets are fully refundable up to one month before the event (minus a 18€ admin fee). After that, only 50% is refundable, and 0% is refundable 48 hours before the event.

All prices are excl. VAT.

Free life Assessment

Establish a baseline, build on your strengths, identify growth potential in seven areas:
  • Relating to Men
  • Relating to Women
  • Administering Money
  • Standing in Integrity
  • Living your Purpose
  • Sublimating Sexuality
  • Surrendering to Spirit

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Including chapters on:

  • Why men’s work?
  • Working with transformational spaces
  • How to start your own group
  • Meeting structure and elements
  • Pitfalls and defence mechanisms
  • Practical tools and self assessment worksheet

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