Quiz: The 10 Principles

Write three of the most important masculine traits that you personally appreciate in other men
Choose one:
a) Respect feelings and challenge bias and intolerance
b) Respect the man and challenge the idea
c) Respect facts and challenge feelings
How should personal disagreements be dealth with?
What does conciliarity mean?
Why do you personally think men need other men on the path to greater maturity?
The optimal path to betterment for men is:
a) Being honest about your feelings
b) Joint action in the world
c) Growing in strength and determination
d) Joining a men’s group
Why are people drawn to Maniphesto?
Our collaboration is based on:
a) shared values and vision
b) strong, charismatic leaders
c) will power and a committed work ethic
Maniphesto is for:
a) men who are lonely and need support
b) who have had some success in life but feel something is missing
c) everyone
d) are in a mid-life crisis