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Oct 28

The Journey Towards Death

October 28, 2022 @ 18:00 - October 30, 2022 @ 16:30 CEST

It is said that your journey towards death starts on the day that you are born.

Death is the ultimate reality and wake up call. No one has ever or will ever escape it. We will all have to surrender to it, and none of us know when it will come to us.

Living with awareness of your death is the most powerful tool to focus you on what really matters. Many people relate how experiencing being close to death brings them into contact with reality and leads them to making radical changes in their life, leading to a far more purposeful and fulfilling life. Despite this, most men avoid contemplation of death and live a life occupied by distraction through pursuing a string of shiny objects which lead nowhere.

This event is an initiation into leadership which will confront you with the reality of your own impending death and guide you in bringing this awareness into your life. We create a space and give you tools to focus your attention towards ensuring that you are living your life right now in a way which takes the reality of death into account. It builds on the learnings of our primary leadership initaition “The Death of the Patriarchs” and enables you as a participant to take a step further into personal responsibility and maturation.

The exact program of the event will be kept secret in order to strengthen the element of challenge. You can expect to be taken out of your comfort zone both physically and emotionally. We will deal with the themes of personal purpose and vision, war and conflict, as well as internal alignment and coherence. Participants will be guided through a process which will result in a deeper awareness and integration of the reality of death, a clearer overview of life priorities, and a powerful attunment to your own internal compass for perrsonal leadership of yourself and others.

From previous sessions of this event, we have seen that it functions as a “spark” which initiates a process by bringing a deeper perspective for contemplation and new insights to the surface. In order to ensure that these insights are properly integrated, and not lost in the noise of conflicting life priorities, we strongly encourage participants to book a series of integration and alignment sessions after the event, which are available at a discounted rate if purchased before the event.

Signup here: https://maniphesto.com/plans/the-journey-towards-death-signup/

Testimonials from previous participants:

Dr Dietmar Betz: “Most men don’t think about death until it´s too late. Facing death like in this workshop opens up connection to your core and puts you on track to living your life’s mission.

Hajee Pepping: “The execution of the exercise provoked a sense of urgency that hit me in a good way. Being faced with choices, thoughts and feelings that I usually push ahead was a humbling, but necessary experience. It put all other things in life in perspective and I consider it as a start of a new era of contemplation on death AND life. “

Axel Cajsius: “Participating was a profound experience that has given me insight into my own death and consequently new personal insights on what is important to me, here on earth. I recommend this!



Maniphesto HQ

Pilekrogen 14

5600 Faaborg


2 hours travel from Cph Airport. Let us know if you are travelling with public transport and we can pick you up from the closest bus stop, Nye Stenderupvej.

Space for maximum 10 participants only.


  • Weekend workshop (full board and lodging): 395 EUR
  • Integration Coaching 5 x 60 min sessions (strongly recommended): 480 EUR
  • Package, weekend workshop and 5 sessions integration coaching: 735 EUR

Signup here: https://maniphesto.com/plans/the-journey-towards-death-signup/


October 28, 2022 @ 18:00 CEST
October 30, 2022 @ 16:30 CEST


Maniphesto HQ
Pilekrogen 14
Faaborg, Fyn 5600 Denmark
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+45 53822832