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Step Two - Platform Basics
Step Three - Why are you here?
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Make sure you understand the mission, purpose and vision of Maniphesto

The Mission

The mission of Maniphesto is to renew and restore man, one man at a time. 

We provide a peer based community for the men who are inspired by our vision. Our fellowship accepts and appreciates each man for his unique abilities and contributions. The community supports and challenges its members to grow in authenticity, discernment, and character. It also provides individual and group mentorship to support members in formulating and reaching their goals in life.

Through this process, men transform their lives and how they show up in their families, in their work and in their communities. This change of behavior restores their confidence in masculinity, in themselves, and in other men; healing the wounds created by a dysfunctional view of masculinity and manhood. As they grow further, they become living testimonies to the Maniphesto vision.

Why We Built Maniphesto Core For You

The purpose of Maniphesto Core is to build up a vertical center to strengthen and expand the Maniphesto Network. The Core is built on a clear demarcation of membership, inside and outside, enabling us to create a strong culture of commitment and progression. This is where we will do the work of building out our vision for society, integrating it into our own lives first, and then communicating it to those around us.

We recommend reading the 10 Principles of Maniphesto. You will hear more about these principles in the future. For now, here are the most important aspects you need to know and what we expect you’ll see that make Maniphesto unique:

● It’s Collaborative. We don’t believe in gurus who say that they have all the answers and are looking for disciples. Rather, we are a network of men who are banding together to build a supportive community to realise the goals we set for ourselves. None of us has the perfect blueprint for the man we are becoming, but through a brotherhood of honesty and integrity, we can inspire each other to grow together.

● We have built a strong foundation of brotherhood. Since it’s humble beginnings in 2014 with a group of friends, Maniphesto has focused on building friendships and brotherhood in the real world. We have run large scale projects together, creating concrete results in the real world, and dealing with the inevitable conflicts and difficulties that arise. We don’t just talk about the walk, we walk the talk.

● We Bring Together Mind, Body, Spirit. Offline and Online. Maniphesto has always addressed the man as one whole – physical, psychological and spiritual. These are just three different approaches to the same thing. Any personal practice needs to be considered in the light of all three. We love discussing great ideas. But we also realise that if we neglect implementing them in practice, then we are just wasting our time. Given our society’s tendency to overly rely on the cognitive and ideas, we believe that implementing and integrating the material world is extremely important — hence the importance of physical events alongside online men’s groups.

Once you have read the above and if you understand and can subscribe to the above, then check off this task on the course step list and move on to the next step.

If you would like to get some more insight into the roots of Maniphesto, then a good place to start is from Paul’s opening remarks for the 2020 European Men’s Gathering, which give an overview of some of the background of the work we have been doing. You can watch the video here: