The European Men’s Gathering 2022 – The Death of the Patriarchs

The Death of the Patriarchs is our annual rite of passage to initiate men into Men’s Work Leadership.

The event will be based on the 10 Principles of Maniphesto.

Join us!

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Take our Assessment

Establish a baseline, build on your strengths, identify growth potential in seven areas:
  • Relating to Men
  • Relating to Women
  • Administering Money
  • Standing in Integrity
  • Living your Purpose
  • Sublimating Sexuality
  • Surrendering to Spirit

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Including chapters on:

  • Why men’s work?
  • Working with transformational spaces
  • How to start your own group
  • Meeting structure and elements
  • Pitfalls and defence mechanisms
  • Practical tools and self assessment worksheet

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