Core: Quick Start

Welcome to Maniphesto Core
Step One - Expectations
Step Two - Platform Basics
Step Three - Why are you here?
Step Four - Our Mission
Step Five - Join a Friday Call
Step Six - Your ONE Thing!
Step Seven - Visit a Core Team
Step Eight - Join a Core Team

Watch this, before you do anything else…

If you have any questions, during the course of this Quick Start Process, then please reach out to us by asking a question within this course.

The following steps should be done in order. An exception to that is that you are welcome to join a Friday meeting at any time (every Friday at 4pm CET; join link here) . You’re required to complete Step 6 – Your One Thing, before visiting Core Teams. But if you do need some extra support and feedback to get through this then again, use Telegram or email us directly. When you visit a Core Team you’ll get more insight into how you’ll use your One Thing to build a vision and get the most from the Core Planning Tools, supported within the Teams.

Of course, you can always reach out to everyone and anyone on Core if you need help with anything. The men here are friendly and helpful, so don’t be shy.