Core: Quick Start

Welcome to Maniphesto Core
Step One - Expectations
Step Two - Platform Basics
Step Three - Why are you here?
Step Four - Our Mission
Step Five - Join a Friday Call
Step Six - Your ONE Thing!
Step Seven - Visit a Core Team
Step Eight - Join a Core Team

Become part of your own supportive Fellowship

Once you’ve visited the Core Teams you are interested in, you should let the teams you are interested in know that you would like to join. 

They will have various prerequisites for you to complete, homework as well as tasks before they invite you to join the team. The purpose of these tasks will be to help you and the team to figure out if you are a good fit for each other. You should stay in close contact with the team and fulfil the tasks which you are given. 

If you have any difficulties in the process of joining a Core team, then please email to ask questions and get support.

That’s it! Now you have completed this last section in Quick Start. 

But you are far from finishing your work! Your first goal however should be to get feedback from your team on your One Thing which will help you shape your vision. Talk to your team leader about how to go about that.

Congratulations and welcome as a full member of Core!

And when you are ready, then you can enrol in and start up the next course, Core Team Basics.