You can have both, but there are no shortcuts –  it takes hard work.


You know how sexuality is so important, and yet it is so hard to get good information on it? 

We support men in mastering their sexuality and relationships in order to connect to a deeper sense of purpose and create a more meaningful and directed life. 

Now we have created a 40 day challenge, combining the wisdom and insight of centuries of eastern and western traditions with insights from today’s leading sexuality experts.

We are offering it to you for free, to give you a taste of how we work with men.

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The goal of this challenge is simple: the mastering of your sexuality and connecting to a deeper sense of purpose.

Sexual mastery entails fully integrating your sexuality as a creative force in your action in the world. It is the opposite of sexual slavery.

It entails gaining control of and being able to channel and direct your sexual energy towards a meaningful purpose. It means you are the master of your passions and are administering that control in a way that is good for yourself, good for those around you, for society and ultimately good for the world. 

In typical Maniphesto fashion, we do not all agree on how to do this – in fact some of the ideas we are presenting to you will be incompatible with each other. This challenge is designed to include something to challenge and inspire everyone, whether you are single or in a relationship, from a religious or hedonist background, celibate or promiscuous, or anything else in between.


Sign up for the challenge and for 40 days you will receive emails giving you: 

  • DAILY SUPPORT – via our Telegram online community

  • PERSONAL STORIES – to inspire and encourage your own journey

  • USEFUL PRACTICES – for supporting embodiment and integration

  • GREAT CONTENT – fascinating videos and essays on various sexual approaches

  • JOURNALING SUPPORT – helping you document your route to sexual mastery


Men who embark on this program typically report:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased attraction from women
  • More creative mojo
  • Better sexual function
  • Greater social acuity
  • Increased life satisfaction


  • A container for individual self awareness and reflection.

  • Open and authentic conversations amongst men on sexuality which are orientated towards positive use of sexual energy. By bringing this topic into the light with a supportive community, we are able to deal with them constructively.

  • A community working towards a shared goal increases collaborative ability, and makes us aware of how competitive tendencies hinder us.

  • A space to be honest about how sexuality influences your everyday sense of meaning and purpose.


We have designed the Maniphesto 40 Day Challenge with two pathways, in order to accommodate the radically different starting points for men. 

Men on the Reset path will be in complete sexual abstinence for 40 days. This is for men stuck in a bad rut and need a fresh start with their sexuality.

For men who are happy with their sexuality, the Sharpening pathway builds towards mastery through refraining from ejaculation while remaining sexually active.


Sharpening Path

The 40 Day Challenge Sharpening path is for the man who wants to refine his sexual mastery, but wants to stay sexually active during the challenge – he will only refrain from ejaculation for the 40 days. Thus he will be more on the line “between order and chaos”.

Sharpening is for men who are in a sexually active relationship, are comfortable with their sexuality and want to attain sexual mastery. 

On this path, we will have a greater focus on refining personal practice and structure for the cultivation and sublimation of sexual energy and libido.

Reset Path

The 40 Day Challenge Reset path is the most hard-core and, for most men, the most logical and even easiest. It will involve complete abstinence from sexuality for the full 40 days. This is the “cold turkey” approach to give yourself an opportunity to start afresh with a new path for sexual mastery.

Reset is designed for men who are stuck in a rut and need a clear path to get out of it.

On this path, we have clear boundaries and a greater focus on redirecting sexual energy towards purpose and true intimacy. We will also consider issues such as addiction.

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  • Surrendering to Spirit

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Including chapters on:

  • Why men’s work?
  • Working with transformational spaces
  • How to start your own group
  • Meeting structure and elements
  • Pitfalls and defence mechanisms
  • Practical tools and self assessment worksheet

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